World Lift Electric It is a solid and well established company in the field of 'installation of elevators, panoramic elevators, lifts, car lifts, lift tables and of civil and industrial electrical installations. All staff, both technical as operational, already selected among professionsiti disapproved of quality and reliability, it is constantly being retrained to deal always with the high quality standards of the World Electric Lift all the innovations offered by the market in these areas. World Lift Electric operates throughout the national territory.


To date, with a portfolio of continuously increasing customers, World Lift Electric confirms one of the realities of more concrete and stable industry able to satisfy the aesthetic needs, technological and economic of its customers, even the most demanding, with custom payment formulas "turnkey" prices and maximum transparency.


From years of building lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters and take care of their maintenance. Over time we have learned that maintenance is not only a technical issue, but it is above all a matter of passion and commitment to differentiate ourselves to our seriousness, professionalism, quality and our availability. Our technical team consists only of direct personnel, trained in the field and constantly updated: the technicians are equipped with the most advanced technologies and modern, have quick access to all the necessary spare parts and are ready to face any situation.


The company in the last decade has dealt successfully with several installations both in civil and industrial sectors, completing both simple and complex interventions in the variegated world of vertical transport.

MAINTENANCE - Professionalism, reliability and precision.
ASSISTANCE - H24 - every day , every day of the year .
DESIGN - Our imperative is to satisfy the customer .
INSTALLATION - Technology and aesthetics at your service .
TESTING - The best professionals at your service .